A Competitive Advantage

Companies today expect more from their IT solution providers. The competitive advantage goes to trusted, knowledgeable business partners capable of designing and delivering data center and IT lifecycle solutions and services that meet their customers’ unique business needs. Whether you’re focused on a specific market or expanding into new technologies or geographies, Avnet’s experienced team, global reach, market knowledge and relationships with the world’s top technology and IT service providers give you a powerful partner you can rely on to help you grow your business anywhere in the world.

Global Reach. Local Expertise.

Tech Data provides the broadest global reach among IT solutions distributors. We serve customers and suppliers in more than 70 countries across North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific from more than 40 offices worldwide. Global reach and local expertise – offering you the best of both.

Global Executive Team

President, Global​
President, EMEA
Mike Hurst - Senior Vice President, Avnet Services
Tony Madden - Senior Vice President,
Supplier Business Executive
Jaideep Malhotra - Senior Vice President, Global Computing Components
Ger Purcell - Senior Vice President,
Global Information Systems
Jeff Bawol
President, Americas

William Chu
President, Asia Pacific


Take a tour of Avnet's Global Solutions Center in the U.S. and see our advanced integration and logistics capabilities up close. (7:41)

Avnet Technology Solutions is investing in Asia Pacific. Gain access to countries throughout one of the world’s fastest growing regions. (2:42)