Management Team

Tech Data's Core Values are evident in the clear direction, unified focus and strategic vision of our management team.  

As we move forward, Tech Data will continue to build on our distinctive foundation of strengths and proven leadership to:
  • Enhance our value to the channel
  • Further advance our solutions and capabilities
  • Accelerate the success of our partners and our organization ​

TS Latin America Leadership Team

  • Carlos Homps - General Manager, Multi-Country Organization
  • Carlos Negri - General Manager, Brazi
  • Nicolas Di Biase - General Manager, Chile
  • Jackelin Ramirez - General Manager, Colombia
  • Ivan Hernandez- General Manager, Mexico
  • Jose Migoni - Director, Finance
  • Olga Corpion - Director, HR
  • Eduardo Castilho - Director, Operaciones
  • Pablo Rodriguez Leis - Director, Specialist Business Units
  • Patricia Ramos - Director, Strategic Marketing
  • Bettina Freire - Associate General Counsel
  • Luis Freitas - Director, IT
  • Nerio Gonzalez - Director, Credit and Collection