Avnet Hackathon Results in Revenue-Generating App for Partner SPS

Hash Malik, Chief Executive Officer of Software Productivity Strategists (SPS), always tracked the changes in IT and was able to successfully lead SPS to keep up with the ever-changing IT industry. However, recently the company found itself struggling to properly leverage new technology in ways that could solve direct problems for its customers.

As an Avnet partner, SPS learned of a virtual Hackathon event hosted by Avnet with a purpose beyond simply writing code. Instead, the parameters of the Hackathon were to create a mobile app that utilized IBM BlueMix and Watson to solve a customer problem. Immediately, SPS was able to see an opportunity to not only expand their capabilities and portfolio, but to also open the door to a new approach of having solutions-based conversations with SPS customers.

Download the success story and see the opportunities that Avnet afforded them!

Hackathon Success.JPG 

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Article Date: 3/9/2016
By Jessica Truman, Marketing Comm Spec III
Jessica.Truman@Avnet.com | (210) 247-1313