Financing Solutions

Keeping up with the fast pace of the IT changes can stand in the way of innovation. Avnet offers a variety of flexible financial solutions that fuel business growth by freeing up time, resources and funds.  Avnet expands your credit capability and sales reached by taking on billing and payment collection on your behalf. By leveraging our credit and collection capabilities to reduce payment time and eliminate the hassle and cost of managing these transactions in-house, you reap a number of benefits including:
  • Increase your purchasing power by using customers' credit potential as well as your own
  • Strengthen your financial profile and mitigate risk by decreasing expenses and credit exposure
See our Avnet Financing Solutions Datasheet to learn more




Avnet Receivables Services Alleviates Risk While Bolstering Your Credit

  • Cost saving
  • Flexible
  • Eliminate multiple sourcing agents
  • Alleviate financial restrictions
  • View and track all IT assets in a web-based repository
  • Monthly payments move CapEx to OpEx