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Nearly all large organizations say a single hour of downtime costs their company more than $100,000?

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Our partnerships with industry leading security suppliers provides solutions to address your customer’s needs.

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Businesses continue to produce and transact unprecedented amounts of digital data, whether it’s stored on machines or located on-premise or in the cloud, keeping customer data safe from the threat of cyber-attacks is a top priority. From simple to sophisticated attacks, regardless of the motive, the results are the same – theft of an organization’s most sensitive and lucrative data can be in the hands of a criminal. How will you be one step ahead to protect your customer’s business?

Avnet helps partners and customers take a proactive approach to tighten enterprise security through a combination of technology, services and education that reduces threat risk, speeds detection and remediation response time, while ensuring compliance.

Avnet provides comprehensive security solutions in Security Intelligence, Vulnerability and Threat Management, Identity Access Management and Data & Applications.


Keeping up on cybersecurity and threats can be challenging. Avnet’s team of industry experts, sales and technical resources can work to educate your staff with trainings while working with you on enablement programs to drive more opportunities. Avnet Academy delivers certificated IT training courses across 25+ leading vendors.


Security assessment services are an effective way to identify opportunities and provide solutions to fix issues. Our assessments (complimentary and paid) offer an effective way to start a conversation and offer security solutions to ensure compliance and keep your customer’s business safe.

Recon™ Managed Security Service offers on-premise collection, correlation and analysis solution with 24 x 7 cloud-based monitoring and remediation assistance that helps protect your customers against advanced threats. Add Recon to your portfolio for a cost-effective security solution. For more information email SecurityServices@avnet.com.

Avnet Government Solutions’ Cyber Protect for your federal and SLED customers, offers Security-as-a-Service, providing a comprehensive defense against complex and proliferating threats.