Who is Aruba?​

In a world where people move and the network must follow, Aruba Networks delivers mobility, consistency and speed. With secure and user-based access, Aruba keeps mobile network users in touch with easy deployment between remote offices, home offices, branches and headquarters, regardless of device or type of connection.

Contact Lyle Freeman, partner development manager, for details about becoming an Aruba Partner and utilizing Avnet marketing programs designed to increase your sales pipeline! 


Who is Avnet?


 Avnet Technology Solutions, a leading distributor of IT solutions in more than 70 countries, improves how technology products and services are defined and delivered to businesses worldwide. We enable solution providers to grow faster by helping them understand and meet their customers’ unique business requirements and industry-specific needs with unified solutions that combine technologies and span supplier lines. Avnet Technology Solutions is an operating group within Avnet, Inc., a Fortune 500 company bringing technology to market for more than 50 years.

Aruba terminated its distribution relationship with Avnet UK in August 2012, but Avnet has continued its strong relationship with Aruba Networks in the US and Canada. In addition to fast turn around times, a dedicated Aruba Sales Team, and customizable marketing programs, Aruba partners can leverage flexible credit programs and international warehouse locations with Avnet.


Aruba News:

Aruba and Microsoft Lync

Aruba Networks is the only networking vendor approved to support Microsoft Lync, a unified communications platform.

Aruba’s unique application and device fingerprinting work to identify and correctly tag Microsoft Lync’s encrypted voice and video traffic, ensuring that the correct Quality of Service (QoS) is assigned on an application-by-application, device-by-device basis.

Aruba's Mobility Controllers and Access Points lower the cost of deploying a Lync unified communication solution. A single Aruba controller does the work of multiple competing appliances, with less jitter, delay, and packet loss.  Wi-Fi enabled smartphones running Lync clients can replace expensive wired IP phones and the switches needed to support them..  Aruba’s ClearPass securely connects Lync enabled, user-owned devices to the corporate network to minimize the need for corporate-issued devices.


Qualified Device
Firmware Version Tested
Mobility Controllers and AP-104/105/134/135 Access Points
AOS and higher


 Mobility Matters

Aruba WLANs can be deployed with or without Mobility Controllers in order to suit your BYOD and WLAN needs.

You know it. And we know it. Mobile devices, many employee-owned, are an invitation to a Wi-Fi meltdown, not to mention security compromises. Lock devices out, and your company could lose its edge—while gaining some frustrated employees. But prepare for them, so they can get on the network easily with stellar performance, and you're set.

That’s why Aruba has designed its Wi-Fi solutions from the ground up to be the fastest and most resilient in the industry. We've integrated application intelligence to boost voice and video performance, and we added a firewall so you can control access no matter what the device. Ready to take the next step?